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Ye’s Buffet in Waterloo is not YES but a NO GO!

Submitted by on January 22, 2014 – 9:14 pmNo Comment

How to start off this review ?

As the cost of food and everything going up, going out dining is in the same steps, however the fun and art of dining out is something that I really enjoy, and with that I want to share my experiences especially when restaurants are still financially available, and especially then establishments are …extraordinary in their services and experiences.

As this is my first review, I wasn’t going to write this article – because sometimes with restaurants opening or reopening – they do not go according to plan, and after sleeping on it I decided to write a very quick one sentence review on my dining experience at Ye’s buffet in Waterloo on “my” facebook page and just leave things alone…


Today, of the posting timestamp of this article – I was asked “why I didn’t enjoy my dining experience”, on my facebook page and just feeling a bit challenged here …

*RCEHoppe cracks his knuckles*

Maria Young …This one is for you.

IMG2801>Hello there thank you very much for reading my article, to begin with I think I have a lot of experience within the culinary arts – I have been working in the restaurant industry since the age of 9, I have been classically trained in cooking schools and I have been involved with many 4 to 5 star restaurants. As well my family has been directly responsible for the management, operations and the commercial success for several restaurants within the region of Waterloo over the years – which gives me an unique insight, on the restaurant industry and so forth, and as I did not like how some management taking advantage of employees – I left the industry all together to find other pursuits – however I still enjoy dining out .

So today I will talk about my dining experience at the relaunch of Ye’s Buffet in Waterloo…


A bit of background;
Within the region of Waterloo there is a chain of sushi restaurants called Ye’s sushi. With Ye’s sushi I found it to be the perfect environment for both that personal/social and business meetings for that great dining out experience and always felt that the Waterloo restaurant to be the best of the 3.

Much to my surprise with in the last quarter of 2013 (more or less) the Waterloo restaurant closed down for a relaunch – and was going to be reopened as a buffet and with my experiences with restaurant such as the Mandarin and with the wonderful recommendation from my co host – I was looking forward to the new positive dining experience of this NEW Ye’s.

To start with…
The outside of the building had a new revitalizing up-todate look – BUT revitalizing look stopped there as the inside the color scheme was off, instead of using brighter colors as it was before – The new look is darker and as a result feels .. uninviting.

And with that I was greeted by the restaurant’s front door hostess – as she was directed me to an open table, I asked to be sit in a certain area of the restaurant – she told me that she could not accommodate because the area that I was asking for was currently closed, in which I can understand. As we were talking – I asked her an other simple question, what are the policy on non alcoholic beverages refill’s? The hostess (who can communicate well in English) could not answer the question, so thus leaving me in the hands of the table waiter. When I arrive at my table – I notice that the table arrangements with different, gone were the cool hallmark Ye’s chopsticks and was replaced with cheap bamboo knockoffs, and other extremities that I really enjoyed with my Ye’s dining experience were gone too, which I found to be slightly annoying and unfortunate – Oh well…my loss, and after talking to my waiter and fielding the questions I asked from earlier, he told me the new ways of the restaurant, so off to the buffet i go…

IMG2804After looking over new menu I have found out that some of the classic staples were no longer part of the dining experience such as – the beef skewers another dishes I enjoyed, and its place was a series of other buffet style dishes that one can find at the Crystal Palace just down the street (a serious extremely unappetizing place -however- more on that later on) and as still looking at what was there – i found the tomatoes that were in salads were wilting – just bad stuff there
IMG2805So here is where I get into some of the ” “BEEF” of the situation – As I worked in the service industry- personally I feel its very important that the management team hires individuals who could speak the areas language in this case it’s English ( if you wish to nit pick it could be German) and after all, these are the frontline personnel who are representing your company and contributing to the overall dining experience…needless to say, the nice ladies who were running the front buffet didn’t understand what I was saying when I was looking for certain Ye’s items , and the debility of them to understand and speaking English (on a scale of 1 to 10 was at a three ) – Needless to say – this left me extremely fustrated, just to put things politely.

As I was walking back to my table and feeling defeated on my first trip to the buffet – I notice I had some new table neighbors to the left of me, and at that time I noticed that the table I requested was already filled/seated by somebody else, and this was less than 5 minutes of me be seated in a restaurant – and with me trying to enjoy my dining experience I noticed that my new neighbors had NO table etiquette – as both of them were chewing there food with their mouths open, kind of like cows grazing but only in stereo for all,  I should of said something right there and right there but however I was just simply trying to enjoy my lunch.

And after really (not) enjoying this wonderful dining experience, the aspects of me going to the washroom was definitely needed – and I have to ..GO – there is an old saying in the industry, One could judge how the kitchen is, by the condition off the washrooms…needless to say I will allow the pictures to speak for themselves -    




IMG2809 IMG2811

Which was disgusting!

So with all of these fantastic experiences in mind – I concluded my dining ,  paid for bill and left!

I will not be recommending this restaurant to anybody and on top this I giving this restaurant a zero rating out of five, I hope that you ALL know that this is only my opinion, and if you enjoy this restaurant – then good on you, but me… NO thanks.
And with that I wish you all … a Bon Appétit .


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