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Thor Put the Hammer Down at Hammer Town Comic Con

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– Written by The Ninj ArtisT

Hammer TownThor put the hammer down, in Hamilton that is, and what an remarkable event it was. Hamilton’s superhero enthusiasts spent their Saturday bustling among their favorite white armor clad imperial army, high speed time travelers, giant green angry man, and so much more. Even if the forces of evil came upon the event with all their might, they would have been no match for the original blue power ranger, David Yost and the DeLorean transformer! This is the Weekly Trending Fandom show’s coverage of Hammer Town Comic Con.


On the morning of October 5, in the Hamilton’s Convention Center, Hammer Town Comic Con, first show commenced. The doors were opened at 10 am and the public were immersed into a world of fandom. From Marvel to wrestling and everything in between, it was there. There were also events held on another floor, some of which were so filled, it was standing room only, most notably was the question and answer for the back to the future cast.


Storm TroopersMost of the action took place in the main event hall of the convention center. The first display on the floor was the Canadian division of the 501st  Legion, complete with two fully functional R2 units, a jawa, three stormtroopers, a sandtrooper, a young Princess Leia, and many more. The Dark Sith Lord himself also made an entrance later on in the day. Next was the “Back to the Future” cast, with a fully functional DeLorean time machine (less functional on the time travelling though). The neighborhood zombie watch also made sure that the day was undead free (there were a few) and shared some of their survival knowledge with the public. For all your comic and merchandise needs, is Big B Comics supplying a wide variety collectible action figures, comics, graphic novels, and other assorted specialties. If that one booth was not enough, there were several more booths filled with different merchandise, each uniquely different; one had wrestling action figures, another sold unique paper craft figures called ‘Blockheadz’, while another sold unique t-shirts. If the attendees were looking for something more artsy to buy, a fully stocked artist alley was waiting for them; from fun crossovers or serious paintings, it was there.


However, there is more to this con then just shopping and displays, several celebrities attended. First and foremost was the original blue power ranger, turned professional wrestler, David Yost! Not far behind were Mickie James, Jennifer Parker, James Tolkan, Donald Fullilove, and many more. All of whom put their best foot foreword signing autographs and answering an endless flow of questions. There were not just television celebrities attending, several well respected artist and illustrators made their appearance to share their work and wisdom.


Incredible HulkWhat is a comic convention without costumes? Many loyal fans showed up to exhibit their exquisite costumes. The con floor itself was an amazing display of costumes, but ultimately the best of the best fought it out in an intense costume competition. Coming out on top was a transformer autobot DeLorean, with real transforming action! Some other noteworthy costumes include Foxfire Ahri, Frost Queen Janna, The Green Arrow, Tony Stark, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Captain America, and (that-one-wrestler dude-who-I-can’t-remember-the-name-of).


HelmetsThe day finally came to a close and left several hundreds comic fans going home satisfied. Nevertheless, the work is far from over for a certain group of people we should always thank, the tireless staff and volunteers. In conclusion, Hammer Town Comic Con was an overwhelming success, and we look forward to your second season.


Photos from the show can be found out that the following URL.


Our rating for this show: Four of the Five stars!

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