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Now it’s all starting to come together!In an article that was actually published at the end of May, THR (h/t reddit) reports the eccentric billionaire, Ike Perlmutter, is no longer …

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THE WOLVERINE 2 ( OR part 8 if you will..) and James Mangold .

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654613213646465465461312654647987Here. We. Go. Again…..

The fine, fine, people over at 20th Century Fox are looking to get another Wolverine movie made ( not too much of a surprise with 7 of them made and now part 8 on it’s way.. I think?) , and as director James Mangold ((who also made other productions such as:
Walk the Line (2005) Girl, Interrupted 1999) amd 3:10 to Yuma)) is in the process of developing this wonderful new production. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal (why James Mangold talking to The Wall Street Journal about movie stuff i don’t know ??? ) is he talks about the first film, and as well the new potential “THE WOLVERINE” sequel. Mangold talks about the themes and ideas that the sequel explores, and he addresses the iconic costume and other things like that….

((Buckle up kids. here’s what he had to say about the first movie..))

“With the movie I just finished, (it’s never really “finished”) I think that I very much focused, when I went to Fox and presented, I told them I was interested in making a movie about someone who feels like anyone they love will die, not only that they are cursed but that anyone they become attached to becomes cursed That film was about Logan’s jaundiced view of society.”

Mangold is not developing a story for the sequel (but is that a good thing?) and Hugh Jackman will return to the iconic role. He went on to talk about some of the themes and ideas in the sequel. Without giving too many details, Mangold continued to say,

“I would just say it is always going to be about his relationships to other characters. We are very much trying to work with existing text. There are other great Wolverine stories out there but suffice it to say there are great texts about his connections to others, villains, characters from the lore and from the comics that we can bring out and have another great and meaningful adventure.”

Now, as far as the iconic costume goes, which was teased in a deleted scene, he says,
“A lot of fans keep asking about when he’s going to wear his uniform. It’s a struggle for us in relation to (this) question, because Logan’s personality as developed on-screen and in comics (**editors note – didn’t Wolverine have several costumes?_?) is one in which he hates publicity (**editors note: What like giant “A” sin stapled to his front and back I am the Wolverine?). The film-makers, even on X-Men, have struggled with an outfit. Finding the rationale for a uniform when the character disdains self promotion, why he would put on some outfit that promotes himself as some kind of hero? It’s like Dirty Harry didn’t walk around with (a) special outfit.” ((**editors note: obviously Mangold doesn’t know that Dirty Harry did have an ” special outfit” – his sports coat for one..)


To continue on, Mangold was then asked whether or not the next Wolverine movie would once again avoid telling the story of a superhero saving the world. He replies with the following,

“The simple thing is when the world is in danger. I think it is a cheat that a lot of movies do to create stakes, about how the world will blow up or a stadium or a planet or a region will blow up if x and y doesn’t happen by this time. Much more than the genre being tired, when every movie is about the destruction of the universe or the globe, it makes it hard to tell a meaningful story when the scale gets so huge, it dwarfs the characters.”

As some can tell, this is not really a yes or no answer, but it will be interesting to see what Mangold is planning for this sequel. It will definitely be based on already existing material, but there’s so much out there, it’s hard to guess where they will take it? In my opinion would be directly to the recycling heep of lost dreams – because from this article. It’s made clear to, at lease me, that James Mangold is not a comic OR a Wolverine fan before this project came across his desk…

…I hope you enjoyed our little ride, you may exit to the left.

more on James Mangold can be found at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0003506/

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