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The Slammy Awards and Fan Voting, Backstage Chaos and real Verbal Fights?

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64654613465464To start with – the word coming from backstage about this years Slammy Awards tat last night is that the fan really voted for the Slammy Awards and it was was 100% legitimate and not rigged by WWE officials.

As the night rolled on, there were several people who pointed out the oddity of Daniel Bryan being awarded Superstar of the Year by the WWE Universe, yet he’s the same person who Vince McMahon felt was not enough of an “attraction” to be given a WWE Title run.

eWrestlingNews.com spoke with a source backstage at RAW on Monday night in Seattle that informed us that there was some incredible turmoil as a result of the main event segment on the show.

Apparently the top management figures in the company were very upset over the crowd reaction during “The Ascension” segment featuring many past WWE and World Champions that closed out the show (oops). While WWE expected Daniel Bryan to be more over than usual due to his Washington-based roots, they were caught off guard by the way the crowd hijacked the featured segment of the evening, one that was designed as the final “hard sell” for Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view.



654631546134There is said to be some backstage heat on several guys, including John Cena and CM Punk. Punk and Randy Orton apparently had words, while Cena was in trouble for going completely off-script during his promo on Orton.

As one source told eWrestlingNews.com, “Orton was extremely pissed and threw a fit backstage, and things are not looking good.” The source added, “It was completely out of control near the gorilla position immediately after the show went off the air.” This was obviously a result of Cena’s harsh comments towards him during the TLC “go-home” promo for their title unification match this Sunday.

Additionally, WWE Hall Of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart was upset at the “Montreal Screwjob” reference made by Orton during his promo. While Orton’s comments about the infamous Survivor Series incident were apparently scripted, Hart was not informed ahead of time that they were coming.

As far as Punk is concerned, eWrestlingNews.com is hearing that “The Best In The World” is again seriously contemplating retirement, or simply parting ways with WWE. As noted in the past, Punk is dealing with a number of injuries and is generally unhappy with the direction WWE is currently headed. Punk is known to be “moody” at times and whether or not this is another example of that, or the real deal this time, remains to be seen.

1488110_630564756990118_693773524_nAnd as “wwe” know – CM Punk and Triple H crossed paths on the December 9 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. The altercation came during the championship belt ascension at the end of the program, when the spot became physical between John Cena and Randy Orton.

And now that this has happened, their problems are likely going to continue from here.

Punk has sent accusations in the direction of The Authority over the past few weeks, insisting that Hunter is responsible for ordering The Shield to attack him on Raw. Indeed, the fact that Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have acted as The Game’s personal security detail in recent months only seems to validate Punk’s suspicion.

images (1)And since The Best in the World has never been known for his subtlety, he has made no secret about his own displeasure over not only Hunter’s backdoor deals but his ability to govern in WWE. And to be honest, all of this is beginning to sound very familiar.

It was back in 2011 after Punk dropped his infamous pipe bomb, that he began to have problems with WWE’s Chief Operating Officer. At that time, Punk was still turning face and Triple H had been in that role for a while.

Punk was red hot and on the biggest ride of his WWE career. His newfound reputation as the company’s coolest antihero was in full effect and because of his disdain for the WWE corporate machine, he immediately considered Hunter to be the enemy.

And the friction between them continued when one of Triple H’s old friends showed up to stir the pot.

Kevin Nash was back in WWE and Punk believed that Triple H was in collusion with him. It did make sense at the time, even though Nash revealed later that he had lied about The Game asking him to take Punk out. Punk may have been wrong then, but he is likely not wrong now.

The Cerebral Assassin has been on a tear since SummerSlam. He and Stephanie McMahon have ruled WWE with an iron fist and no one has been safe during The Authority’s reign.

Daniel Bryan, Big Show, Cody and Dustin Rhodes, all of these men have suffered the wrath of The Authority. In each case, Triple H has used underhanded tactics to get what he wants and in every instance those tactics involved The Shield interfering on his behalf.

654321354And now we are seeing the beginning of CM Punk and Triple H’s new rivalry. The last time this happened, the two men had a match to settle their differences. Will that be the case this time?

If so then the hype leading up to it should be very entertaining, to say the least. After all, if there is one man in WWE with enough guts to stand up to the boss and do it with a smile on his face, it’s CM Punk. Punk is just as much the antihero today as he was two years ago and to hear him once again cut loose on The Game after all this time would be a very welcome addition to the company’s top storylines.

Punk is at his best when he is allowed to just be himself, to say whatever he wants. This would likely be very true in a new feud with Triple H, as The Game has always understood how to do business.

Hunter knows what Punk’s role is in WWE and he knows that for Punk to be effective, he needs that authority figure to rebel against. This is what got Punk over back in 2011 and it will surely do the same for him now.

Basically, Triple H would probably take no issue with anything Punk wanted to say in a promo. And that means that we could be in for one great ride.


The question of where that ride is taking us however remains to be seen. Are we looking at Triple H versus CM Punk 2? Many fans would love to see this happen and I believe that the overwhelming majority feel that Hunter must lose this time out.

The reason for that is Triple H must get his at some point. He has been operating unchecked for too long and he needs to be humbled in the storyline. By all rights, either Daniel Bryan or Big Show should have been the man to face Triple H and beat him at his own game.

But CM Punk is not a consolation prize as a challenger; he is really the best choice to step up and make it happen.

Buckle up folks because the ride is only getting started.
…More on this as things continues on.




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