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Review of The Simpsons – Sweet Sixteen

Submitted by on January 20, 2014 – 10:09 amNo Comment
Simpsons 1 - 1The Simpsons – The Sixteenth Season is the latest release from FOX Home Entertainment on DVD and Blu-Ray, and with all 21 episodes from the season that was originally broadcast in 2004-2005. The Sixteenth Season is the last season, in my opinion, before the show started to lose its popularity.


However, the show can still release top notch DVDs with excellent special features. Before I start with this review, I’m going to say that this will be based on the Blu-Ray format. The Blu-Ray compact disc has exclusive bonus features that isn’t included on the standard DVD.


The three-disc-set contains episodes like the one where Homer and Grandpa Simpson travel to Canada so they can obtain free prescription medication, the one where Marge partners with Moe when Moe’s tavern is shut down by health inspectors, and the controversial episode in which Bart is expelled (again) then enrolled into a catholic school. Those are just a select few of episodes included in this set.


Guest stars this season include James Caan, Kim Cattrall, Tom Brady, 50 Cent, Robert Wagner, Amy Poehler, John DiMaggio, Ray Romano, and numerous others. It is interesting to point out that Ray Romano’s episode, “Don’t Fear the Roofer”, is edited. The ending scene with Homer and Ray’s character talking about Romano’s show has been cut for reasons that are unknown but it’s still a good episode.


Extra features include audio commentaries over every episode from various writers, directors, cast members, and even creator Matt Groening appears in a couple. Other extras are deleted scenes, animation showcase, special language feature (where you can watch an episode in other languages), and for the first time in Simpsons DVD history: A live table read for the Doomsday episode. This is an interesting feature because it is an audio track playing over a script of the episode. I could go on and on listing every extra, but, that would be meaningless.


The Blu-ray also includes two bonus episodes in HD. From Season Six is “Lisa’s Wedding” where  Lisa is shown how her life will be in the year 2010. The other is “Bart to the Future” from Season 11.


There is a bonus episode included on both the DVD and Blu-Ray, and that is from Season 23, which seems odd but I assume it’s because of it being a sequel to “Future-Drama”.


So, this wraps up our review and we feel that this is worth spending your money on. I highly recommend that all fans of this show buy this before the world ends, according to Homer.


654613234164645– Written by Stan Man

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