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Now it’s all starting to come together!In an article that was actually published at the end of May, THR (h/t reddit) reports the eccentric billionaire, Ike Perlmutter, is no longer …

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Going out to eat? Here’s a TIP or two.

Submitted by on April 6, 2017 – 1:39 amNo Comment

Greetings and salutations to everyone it is your old friend RCEHoppe.

IMG2800As some may know that my discontent for a certain restaurant has reached an all-time high, in tonight’s discontent comes from the wonderful chain / series of restaurants within the Region of Waterloo called Ye’s – the last time I visit this wonderful fantastic Eatery of delight in North Waterloo was under the contents of there washroom was absolutely disgusting! ( to read more just click the link: http://thewtfshow.com/yes-buffet-in-waterloo-is-not-yes-but-a-no-go/) the good thing to report since then they have remodeled and clean their act up and i have been there ONCE or twice since my other article.

345566787So to nights encounter has to deal with their other restaurant all the way in downtown Kitchener at 103 King St W, Kitchener, ON N2G 1A7

As we know money is extremely tight with things – but that shouldn’t stand in the way in taking a friend out for the evening. Previously I have brought my friends, associates and business clients to this establishment AND every single time I see the washroom in a disarray, the male’s toilet seat not fitting properly (a fantastic ride if one is trying to accomplish “the number two” if you know what I mean) AND this enclosed corner of defecation has wonderful display of other Street graffiti art that has been up for many many months and other unhygiene things of the like – BUT TONIGHT…oh tonight…

345566787_1At the end of the meal I decided to pick up the check, as i have mentioned things are are extremely tight, and the service with slightly below-average if not deplorable -BUT- i allow my discontent at an all-you-can-eat restaurants show within the tip of things. SO as i use there instant money machine I press the zero tip indicator -however- I’m not going to tip OR pay for a service if it’s bad. SO as i am using the debit machine I found a very interesting ploy, this restaurant debit machine (at the time i was using it) refuse to accept a zero entry into their system…so to get things moving along i gave a 0.01 tip – because again the debit machine was not accepting a 0 tip option – I was going to give some cash that I had on hand -BUT- before I had a chance to go my pocket and throw some loose change into things – the server who was running the cash register starts to chastise me in in front of the restaurant in front of my friend in front of the staff…as i started to explain myself she interrupts me and continues to tell me I shouldn’t leave a $0.01 tip…
as i was going to explain on things – SHE cut me off again…AND AGAIN – and gose into detail on how bad it is to leave a $0.01 tip… so my friend and I leave this hell hole of an establishment. As i try to walk away from things – this is NOT sitting with me well - So i go BACK to talk to the manager/supervisor on hand . As I walk back in the into the restaurant all eyes are on me – and one can hear the tune from The Good, the Bad the Ugly slowly kicking in (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1PfrmCGFnk) , as i make my way to the cash register I ask if there is a manager/supervisor, on duty and to my surprise I find out that “my” server / cash register person is also the supervisor for the place… Oh – how wonders never cease!

*On a Side note…
I’ve never claimed to be a scholar within etiquette within the territory of Asia and the countries it encompasses, however from what I’ve heard with in countries such as China and Japan there is no tipping to the serving staff, if my cottage cheese memory serves me correctly, it’s also look down upon as a form of an insult – but however isn’t it interesting that this particular restaurant has a tipping jar with “pricing does not including tip” (or something like that)  on it? oooooddddd that.

…Back to what’s on hand*

So with all of that, especially if the other person across the table is in a position of authority, who gives this person the right to a talk to anyone like that let alone to chastise me in front of everybody? Like come on here, IF I did that OR anything like back in the day – I’ll would have been terminated immediately and this person thinks that she can talk down to me like that, in expecially after paying a $60 bill ? NOT- A – CHANCE…So again she gose on about leaving a $0.01 tip. AND i cut her off and start to tell her about the machine defectiveness AND she gose on AGAIN about leaving a $0.01 tip! I tell her she is NOT listening to me she starts screaming things in some kind of Asian language, again i try to tell her that i am more then willing to put this on my show website, and my social media that’s attached to it. She tells me she does not care and she’s not listening to me anymore… I walk out at that point.

So to the night time supervisor of the Ye’s at 103 King St W, Kitchener, ON N2G 1A7….Take a listen at  this;

I am now telling you ( to start with ) some of the art that hangs in the hallway is upside down  which is completely disrespectful to the artist,  the washrooms are horribly disgusting, the toilet seat in the mans bathroom need to be fix its been that way for YEARS of goodness sakes – AND – here’s the most important part! Don’t start argue with your customers (let me say that say this one more time ) DONOT….START arguments with your customer over stupid shit!

From this point, I will NOT be bringing my clients, friends or myself to this establishment OR ANY of it’s chain with in any time in the future – and if you dear reader get sick from from this restaurant – I highly recommend calling the Waterloo Health Board on them. AND i will be following this to your superiors in writing and if need be – a letter to the Business Bureau too.

if you wish to read more reviews on this,  please just click to the following: https://www.yelp.ca/biz/yes-sushi-kitchener?hrid=TVm_DYEJ5vtNmGkOx3fX9g OR on the facebook over at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yes-Sushi/133749476644350

SO that’s that- and I say goodnight to you all, happy eating and thank you for reading this and I will be following up on this.

And with that – I wish you all a …  Bon Appétit .

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