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A wonderful event for the imagination = The 3rd Annual G33k Art Show

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65461321654623164_2– by Mari Caige

Hello! My name is Mari Caige, and I am a new crew member for the Weekly Trending Fandom show AND you have been walking past the City Hall in Kitchener this past weekend, you may have noticed something a little unusual with the city hall. Instead of the usual girls in dime-store wedding gowns and angry townsfolk complaining about the hydro charges from the city – the vast majority of the main floor was occupied by a small representation of one of my favourite communities: Streaming slowly in and out of the front doors were a kaleidoscope of nerds, geeks and artists of every variety. This is where I also found myself this past weekend, entering the doors into the 3rd Annual G33k Art Show.

654621334654_2As I entered into this wonderful event, I was greeted by two tables that had media sign ins -which I did not discover until just shortly before leaving, on the second day- and a table covered in a variety of local newspapers. But like any excited geek who had seen glimpses of the displays beyond the tables I didn’t even stop; which also explains why I completely missed the sign in table.

The next area past this wasn’t huge, but could only be compared to a much more intimate version of the dealer’s room at a convention. Every available inch of table and reachable-wall had pictures, posters, paintings and displays of dozens of different kinds of arts and wares. As I went from booth to booth discovering each one, I came to the very awe-inspiring realization that the dealers themselves were also going around to support, admire and congratulate each other on their work. I spoke with people from graphic design schools, chatted with comic artists who rap while they ink, and had the incredible pleasure of making potential-friends with at least half a dozen of the artists present. It would be impossible to accurately summarize all of what I saw there without writing a novel, but the best I can say is there was something for every person and none of it was disappointing.

The last booth I visited after doing the complete lap around the room was the booth of Miroki Tong, who was just as friendly as every other person in the building had been. She showed me her art, told me a little about the show -which she organized and administrated on crutches, and asked me where I was from. I proudly introduced myself as a representative from the Weekly Trending Fandom show and she wished me luck.

654621334654_3Once that was done, I tucked away the Kim Possible stickers I had purchased and went to once again face the potential terror of the revolving doors of city hall. It was then, as I was dreading the door getting stuck and me being trapped there forever that I realized just how important these small shows are to our communities. The talent at these shows are all small local attempts at showing the world just how amazing and creative people can be. Sure, there were people who were famous there but it really gave people a chance to show just what they were capable of as individuals. I have always been and always will be proud to be a geek and I am glad to have shown my support for this event, and overall, I enjoyed talking to every single person there.

654621334654_4Next time the event comes around I will be definitely be going. I really hope to see a much larger turnout of the local community to support the aspiring artists, writers, designers and musicians who put so much effort into enriching our lives with a little display of fantasy.

In the meantime, make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for interesting local events! I promise you they are almost always worth checking out.


The 3rd Annual G33k Art Show.
was held on November 22-24, 2013
at Kitchener’s City Hall
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Official Website: www.g33kartshow.com

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