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A Reversed Polarity for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

Submitted by on November 23, 2013 – 5:21 pmNo Comment

– Written by Chef and Mini

In light of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, a brave group of individuals launched a fantastic event called “Reversed Polarity” in Toronto and to capture the celebration Chef and Mini were on hand.

… To be fair Chef and Mini both where a bit under the weather that day, they got there just on time for the press conferences, and here is what they have to share with us.


1458667_10151656110832237_2041659282_nTo start with our first guest that we got to see was Dick Mills a former sound engineer for the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop. Mister Mills had a lot of amazing stories to tell about how they made the theme music to the original Doctor Who with no instruments just sound sampling and remixing. The peruses of having to come up with sounds on a deadline and those golden moments of discovery and artistic touch, like a time when he used the flittering sound of a book being thumbed so the pages flips by for the sound of a butterflies wings. Mister Mills was very interesting and didn’t have the typical actor stories which were a nice change as well.

64232_10151656111027237_1593888798_nOur next guest was none other than the fifth Doctor himself Peter Davidson. M. Davidson was pretty much what I expected, very polite and appreciative of his fans. When he spoke it was like listening to a wise relative. When asked I there’s every Doctor Who talk over the dinner table Mr. Davidson did say they would talk about it but mainly in regards to work. I also asked him if he was at all disappointed that he wasn’t going to be in the 50th anniversary special, to that Mr. Davidson replied that it wouldn’t make sense for the older actors to be in it as they had all aged and it wouldn’t work. However he did say to pay attention and that something was coming up and it would be hinted at in the special; The Day of the Doctor 23 that will air on Nov. 23

485514_10151656101712237_373537631_nDan Starkey was the last of the guest to come to the press room, Mr. Starkey is known among Doctor Who fans a Strax one of the 11th Doctors companions. Dan was fun and light hearted to talk with and was very animated.

After the press conferences we wandered around the convention, checked out the dealer room, posed with Daleks and other creatures from Doctor Who. We watch the Dalek dating gaming Hosted by Larry Stewart, wow it was something, it was funny as heck too, and sometime after that we left as previously mansion we were a little under the weather so we didn’t stick around for what I’m sure would have been a great party night.

Fun times were had by all, see you all next year.

Lastly, please note that we have Photos posted at www.thewtfshow.com/facebook with videos on it’s way.



Reversed Polarity 2013
was held on November 1-3, 2013

at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Official Website: www.tcon.ca/reversedpolarity/


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