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Now it’s all starting to come together!In an article that was actually published at the end of May, THR (h/t reddit) reports the eccentric billionaire, Ike Perlmutter, is no longer …

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A Jurassic world: fallen kingdom movie review
June 15, 2018 – 8:34 pm | No Comment

This review brought to you by:
The Blind Eye Cinema Of A Guy

PG-13 | 2h 8min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | 22 June 2018 (USA)

2345rtyu8765435_2_222_1Alright, alright, alright – here we go…

I have been putting my two cents on movies for some time now, and I find it very interesting on how other movie critics/ YouTube content entertainment providers DDR around real issues in productions so they don’t lose their press media movie privilege to see movies early and other caveats of like that -thank goodness thatThe WTF crew are not held back by singularities such as that ….So here we go …

Cue the main theatrical theme to Jurassic Park (and For Your Entertainment of course)
345tyu87544443e45_2I would normally start off and saying that this is a “fun popcorn flick” -BUT- before I get into that…. you know when you’re done eating your popcorn and you have those little tiny popcorn kernels at the bottom of the bag, and sometimes some has the impulsive need to eat those little kernels of happyness, cuz they spent $24.99 on a large bag of popcorn and drink WITH a little snack on the side ( and also have no hopes for a free refill)

Wellll – here we are my dear reader, we are in the crosshairs for the summertime Blockbuster release slate and it’s been an exhausting Wasteland for the creativity aspect of movies in this years 2018 box office, and my goodness – this piece of this unaspiring celluloid most certainly continues to go down… that path, which is the bottom of the popcorn bag of things ….and I honestly feel for original creativity in todays movies, it looks like there’s no going back.

345tyu87544443e45_3_1It’s hard to believe that the first installment of this series of movies began in 1993, it only feels like it was some time ago, and within the first production, it gave us a wonderful landscape on things, it opened up the door of imagination on what could be and other wonderful feels like that ( this singular production gave me the inspiration that was needed to go to animation School) so with all of the other chapters that came afterwards – let us fast-forward through all those wonderful times to present day .. for a Jurassic series such as this (with a soft reboot in mind)and inspiring ideology has completely fell in the ttar pit of forgetfulness where this production came from… This movie is a big pile of dinosaur waste matter ofJurassic size of excrement! The plot holes (of other things of the like ) are so big that one can Drive an Optimus Prime size transport truck through – in my opinion all of the performances within this production are phoned in, the plot & script writing are extremely lazy (at best) and furthermore this latest installment just takes away from the Majestic qualities of fantasy from its first predecessor from 1993 and just leaving us in a wasteland of nothingness -but- keeps giving us cross-promotion of toys and junk you have to buy for your kids…



Just like the Han Solo movie, I would highly recommend not seeing this in the theaters – I would recommend home viewing or seeing it at the drive-in (at least one can get one two movies for the price of one) or on your favorite streaming site. will this movie make the 200 billion dollar Club possibly,,,NOT – I’m going to guess that this movie will open up at somewhere of a hundred million dollars on opening weekend?

> My overall take away from this production is that this “movie: is complete crap, as fans and consumers we simply deserve better (especially with the cost of going out to the movies) and this production does not deliver.
> NOT willing to buy this on Blu-ray / DVD
> I threw away my movie ticket… into the sun.
> 1.5 out 5 Stars

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Deadpool 2… Movie review
June 15, 2018 – 8:10 pm | No Comment
Deadpool 2… Movie review

This review brought to you by: The Blind Eye Cinema Of A Guy Once again Ryan Reynolds is at the top of his game as Wade Wilson and who can forget Josh Brolin and …

Justice League movie ? Movie review
June 15, 2018 – 7:58 pm | No Comment
Justice League movie ? Movie review

This  review brought to you by:
The Blind Eye Cinema Of A Guy

Freshly coming back from the new wonderful fantastic uncanny Justice League movie….I have been very polite towards Batman versus Superman and labeling it as “a …

Supergods …
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PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a heart-hammering thriller; it is truly a wonderful game that grabs your attention as soon as you start, stranded in one of two desolate locations, either a desert or an island. Depending …

INTERVIEW: dead.stick By :Owen Traves
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INTERVIEW: dead.stick By :Owen Traves

Pursuing education in the animation industry is what some people are born to do; regardless of age; you may know, or be, someone born to animate. I was given the opportunity to interview a local …

A Marvelous Game Could Be a foot…?
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A Marvelous Game Could Be a foot…?

In A Shocking Move, Marvel Studios’ Jeremy Latcham Is Departing For A New Gig At 20th Century Fox, Latcham is (was) apart of Kevin Feige’s inner circle that’s been around since the MCU’s inception. So …

Shadowrun: 2017 ?
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Shadowrun: 2017 ?

Just like anything with a lithium-based battery has the potential to explode, just about any tech product that’s considered “smart” is potentially hackable. Which is why one clever hacker was able to break the Armatix …

…Barry Allen has once again played with the timeline
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…Barry Allen has once again played with the timeline

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While we all joke that it is the never-ending story of the zombie apocalypse, are Image Comics and AMC’s versions of The Walking Dead both heading past their sell-by date? It has been a rough …

This is why things are MUCH cooler in Japan, the sushi comes to you …
July 22, 2017 – 11:52 am | Comments Off
This is why things are MUCH cooler in Japan, the sushi comes to you …

It’s hard to fully express the joy of eating at a kaitenzushi restaurant, where conveyor belts parade an endless loop of mouthwatering plates of sushi right in front of you. If you have any …