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Now it’s all starting to come together!In an article that was actually published at the end of May, THR (h/t reddit) reports the eccentric billionaire, Ike Perlmutter, is no longer …

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Supergods …
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I would like to talk about the book Supergods by Grant Morrison, an analysis of comics and their journey to today. Morrison started with an introduction that summarized his perception of his home and current trends. This gave me a glimpse into the mind of a child, far away in a place I have never been and in a time before men in tights came into the public eye. Superman was a god, Zeus-like in stature, with the morals of a saint. He was a superpower: a necessary component of the world in times of war and peace. Soon after came a rival whose power was quite different. Batman saw a society that often hurts the ones it was made to protect. Having suffered at a young age, Batman honed his skills and stalked in the shadows of Gotham’s underbelly to preach justice with a vigilante’s vocabulary of “Biff Bang Pow.”

Morrison discusses the design of the characters, their creators, comics as media at the time, perspectives in societies, and cultures. Some great characters and dynamics came soon after but they were watered down by an explosion in the supply of heroes, many of which were unprofessional compared to our heroes now. With many new ideas, not many panned out. After a fizzle, they’ve reappeared, and comics have come back with more gusto than ever! We see science-fiction-like scenarios with our favourite 8-heads-tall heroes placed in the centre to explore the dynamics of anything from ‘social inequalities’ to ‘infinite earths’.

Thank you for your time and please continue to support the arts.


= The WTF Staff

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PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a heart-hammering thriller; it is truly a wonderful game that grabs your attention as soon as you start, stranded in one of two desolate locations, either a desert or an island. Depending …

INTERVIEW: dead.stick By :Owen Traves
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INTERVIEW: dead.stick By :Owen Traves

Pursuing education in the animation industry is what some people are born to do; regardless of age; you may know, or be, someone born to animate. I was given the opportunity to interview a local …

A Marvelous Game Could Be a foot…?
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A Marvelous Game Could Be a foot…?

In A Shocking Move, Marvel Studios’ Jeremy Latcham Is Departing For A New Gig At 20th Century Fox, Latcham is (was) apart of Kevin Feige’s inner circle that’s been around since the MCU’s inception. So …

Shadowrun: 2017 ?
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Shadowrun: 2017 ?

Just like anything with a lithium-based battery has the potential to explode, just about any tech product that’s considered “smart” is potentially hackable. Which is why one clever hacker was able to break the Armatix …

…Barry Allen has once again played with the timeline
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…Barry Allen has once again played with the timeline

As some may know, Barry Allen has an extremely odd hobby ….He enjoys mucking around and playing with different timelines within the universe and with his curious hobby … once again Mister Allen played with …

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While we all joke that it is the never-ending story of the zombie apocalypse, are Image Comics and AMC’s versions of The Walking Dead both heading past their sell-by date? It has been a rough …

This is why things are MUCH cooler in Japan, the sushi comes to you …
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This is why things are MUCH cooler in Japan, the sushi comes to you …

It’s hard to fully express the joy of eating at a kaitenzushi restaurant, where conveyor belts parade an endless loop of mouthwatering plates of sushi right in front of you. If you have any …

DuckTales just Got DANGEROUS…
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DuckTales just Got DANGEROUS…

Though the show’s producers refused to commit one way or the other during the DuckTales panel at last weekend’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA, attendees at the Disney XD reboot’s Comic-Con International presentation saw it …

Whats going on BATMAN???
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Whats going on BATMAN???

As we move forward with two Productions from Warner Brothers and some fans feel like being beaten down like a baby seal in Antarctica, the general fan public has come to accept Ben Affleck as …

Venom, Carpenter and Cronenberg? Could be interesting…?
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Venom, Carpenter and Cronenberg? Could be interesting…?

Here’s something  for you, did you know that Venom Will Draw on the Work of John Carpenter and David Cronenberg? we didn’t know ether  (LoL)
So s things continue to slobber on, we know that, thanks …